Our Vision

To be the largest community of Urban Practitioners learning from each other.

Our Mission

To create an Urban Learning Platform, supplementing traditional capacity building with online learning to
enhance skills of urban practitioners in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Our Approach

  • Provide a digital platform to deliver learning, based on user’s convenience.
  • Built on tenets of peer learning where such users are not only learners, but also creators of content sharing on-ground experience, success stories and insights.
  • Offer a marketplace to create partnerships to address learning needs of the community.

Our offerings

  • We create virtual communities to share, follow, like multiple discussion threads.
  • We provide certification courses to address need based demands for skills for urban domains.
  • We celebrate user contribution by rewards and recognition and motivate active community participation.

Why does NULP exist?

Urban officials have a variety of functional needs because of the practical challenges of urban governance. There is a scope to supplement the skills and capacities of city officials to address these functional needs. The National Urban Learning Platform (NULP) is a demand-driven digital platform that responds to these needs and aims to affect real improvements in the skills of urban practitioners.

NULP is building a collaborative network where the urban administrators of the Indian cities learn from each other and the rest of the urban ecosystem via peer-to-peer connections.

Therefore, the main elements of NULP include a marketplace via mobile first approach, simple to use tools to create, share and consume content, collate demand dynamically from the field, reward & recognition frameworks and user feedback to ignite a culture of social learning in the community of urban practitioners.

Partner with us

NULP invites your contribution towards collaborative learning to enhance the skills and knowledge of Urban Ecosystem participants. Government departments, academic institutions, industries, start-ups, and civil society organizations can provide thought leadership and domain expertise by catering to the existing and emerging learning requirements of the NULP community.

By creating and facilitating a flow of knowledge & skill resources onto the platform, partners can become pioneers in this initiative on nurturing capacities in the urban development sector for better citizen experience.

If you wish to partner with us or would like more information, please mail us at nulp@niua.org.