Participate in the Learnathon?

Learnathon invites the participation under the following two categories, Group Participation, and Institutional Participation.


Under the group category, you can register as the following
  • ULBs : Any Urban Local Body or City Administrative Body
  • Smart City SPVs : Any Special Purpose Vehicle setup in the 100 smart cities
  • State / Parastatal : Any State / Parastatal Body
What is a solution implemented by your City/ State that has benefited the department / citizens?


Under the individual category, you can participate in the learnathon by registering yourself either as municipal employee/ Smart City employee or State Government employee.
What is the solution to a problem you have solved in your role that has benefited the department / citizens?
Rewards & Recognition
The top 10 solutions under each domain and under each category will be published on the National Urban Learning Platform which will be accessed by NULP community globally and pan India
Win cash prizes upto 3,00,000 and get certified by the JS, MoHUA and Director, NIUA
Part of NULP national event in June and get recognized for your solutions by GoI, NIUA and other urban leaders